Granite Bank now offers accurate, dependable payroll solutions for New Hampshire small businesses. If you have questions or would like additional information please call (800) 471-3300 or

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Payroll Processing
Each Granite Bank Payroll client receives a dedicated Payroll Specialist. This specialist works closely with you throughout each payroll cycle for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Payroll can be reported via phone, fax, email or online.

Paperless Payroll
Avoid the risk of receiving paper reports every pay cycle. With our secure online portal, you can view your reports and all payroll returns, while employees, through a secure portal, can view their pay stubs and W2s. In addition, we can grant your CPA or accountant online access, avoiding the need for him or her to contact you to request reports.

Payroll Tax Filing
Let us take the stress out of your hands when it comes to making timely and accurate tax payments and filings. Granite Bank Payroll will remit 941, State Withholding (if applicable), Federal Unemployment (FUTA) and State Unemployment payments on your behalf. In addition, at quarter-end and year-end, we file your quarterly returns (941, State Withholding, and State Unemployment),  and annual returns (W2s, W3s, 1099s, 1096s,  State W2s – if applicable).

Direct Deposit
Save time with direct deposit. Eliminate the risk  of lost checks, and avoid employees standing in  line at the bank on payday during work hours.  This service also makes the reconciliation process simple, and employee accounts are credited quicker than if the check was received by hand and  deposited on the same day.

Wage Garnishment Service
We withhold and remit to the appropriate states  your employees wage garnishments.

Restaurant Reporting Package
We have reports geared toward the restaurant industry. Reports include Tip Verification Report, FICA Tip Credit Report, and Tip Shortfall Report.

New Hire Reporting
Reporting of new hires is now mandatory. We  will report your new hires to the various states.

Pay-As-You-Go Worker’s Compensation
With our Worker’s Compensation program, avoid large up-front payments and the risk of inaccurate forecasting of gross payroll. Your premiums are drawn every pay cycle, and are based on real-time payroll amounts, eliminating the need to perform  an annual audit of your policy.

Employee and Employer Benefits
Through our strategic partnerships we offer 401Ks, Simple Plans, Group & Individual Life Insurance, Health, Disability, Long-Term-Care, Key Employee protection, and Buy-Sell Insurance.

Time and Attendance Systems
Increase productivity and reduce employee fraud  with our time and attendance systems. Employees  can login to the attendance system via keypad, swipe card, computer login, or fingerprint (Bio Clock).  There is no software to buy, as punches are transmitted to a safe online portal, which you  manage. Best of all, our time systems all interface directly with our payroll servers.

Interface with Your Accounting Software
We can provide a file, which you download into your accounting software every pay period. Your G/L and Check Reconciliation report will be updated instantly, eliminating the tedious and time consuming process of keying the payroll data into your software.




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