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Commercial Loan Officers:

Colebrook: Bridget Freudenberger, 603-237-7040,
Concord:  Lise Howson, 603-228-1628,
Amherst: Mike Rasmussen, 603-673-3046,
Amherst: Heather Leach, 603-249-2119,
Portsmouth: Angela Ferris, 603-430-4459,
Portsmouth: Carol Estes, 603-430-4462,

Mortgage/Consumer Loan Officers:

Colebrook:  Linda Yorke NMLS #469313, 603-237-7054,

Concord:     Tom Ouellette NMLS #126272, 603-673-3495,

Amherst:     Tom Ouellette NMLS #126272, 603-673-3495,

Investor Relations:

Avis Brosseau, 603-237-7016,
Chief Financial Officer

Deposit Product Links for Branch Contacts, CDARS, ICS, and Repurchase Agreement Sweep:

  • Colebrook Customer Service: 603-237-5551
  • Concord Customer Service: 603-228-1300
  • Amherst Customer Service: 603-673-1440
  • Portsmouth Customer Service: 603-436-2324

Branch Managers:

Colebrook: Wayne Frizzell, 603-237-7030,
VP/Branch Manager

Concord: Kirby Clang, 603-228-1518, 
Branch Manager


Portsmouth:  Carol McGinty, 603-319-2872, 
Branch Manager



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